Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program
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AUV Glider
The glider is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) designed for investigating oceanography to depths of 200 meters for periods as long as a month. The goal of the initial deployment is to provide concurrent glider/ship/buoy data for glider instrument calibration, assessment of horizontal and vertical patchiness near permanent buoys, and satellite data ground truthing with large-scale chlorophyll fluorescence data.
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Past missions and their deployment time period:
Mission NameStart DateEnd Date
G0072008-07-15 16:472008-07-29 14:41
G0052006-05-10 15:232006-06-05 17:44
G0042006-04-06 14:552006-05-03 13:49
G0032005-10-27 13:462005-11-04 14:34
G0022005-09-26 13:362005-10-14 20:42
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Please read the description of glider data units before you download glider data. Choose Variables Below:
Water Temp Salinity Density Current Magnitude Current Direction Chlorophyll Fluorescence(ug/l) Chlorophyll (mg/m3) Oxygen (% sat) Oxygen (mg/l) Light Scatter Oceanic Particle Concentration Coastal Particle Concentration Light Beam Attenuation Diver Visibility CDOM Fluorescence (qsde) CDOM Abs Coeff (m-1)
Glider samples intensively (every 4 seconds). Please be patient and choose shorter time period.