Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Project
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cormp data map - archived data view real-time data map river discharge station weather station 01 weather station 02 weather station 03 weather station 04 weather station 05 tide station 04 tide station 01 tide station 02 tide station 03 frying pan tower 01 frying pan tower 02 cape lookout cormp CFP9 cormp CFP8 cormp CFP5 cormp CFP7 cormp CFP3 cormp CFP4 cormp CFP6 cormp CFP2 cormp CFP1 cormp OBSB cormp OB05 cormp OB10 cormp OB15 cormp OB20 CORMP OB27 CORMP LB1M CORMP OB3M CORMP OB27M CORMP OB1M CORMP OB4M CORMP OB63M CORMP OB2M CORMP LEJ2 CORMP LB5M CORMP OCP1 CORMP LEJ3 CORMP ILM3 CORMP ILM2 CORMP ILM1 carocoops sun1 carocoops sun2 carocoops sun3 CORMP OB5M what's happening