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Streamflow at Black River Near Tomahawk
Streamflow at NE Cape Fear River Near Chniquapin
Streamflow at Lock #1 Near Kelly, NC
Cape Fear River Discharge at Mouth

Daily Average Discharge
Cape Fear River discharge values available since 9/1/1969

Raw data source:
USGS NWIS website.

Black River near Tomahawk

NE Cape Fear River near Chinquipin

Cape Fear River at Lock and Dam #1
Daily Discharge is calculated based on: Carpenter, J and W. Yonts, 1979, Dye Tracer and Current Meter Studies - Cape Fear Estuary, 1976, 1977 & 1978. Carolina Power & Light, Southport, NC

Daily Average Discharge is calculated based on the discharge data collected since 1969-09-01

Past Month Discharge of CFR Past Year Discharge of CFR